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What might be a problem with my washer box

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Our 16year old Maytag just died and we had buy LG washer/dryer. But there was issue with delivery and few of other issues from Costco, we decided to return and repurchased through Lowes.

When LG was picked up, they try to shut down both cold and hot faucets, but there was drops continued from both faucets. I had to let driver to take appliances and leave because I didn't think there will be problem having washer connection box. But last night, I was cleaning/moving furniture from rec room and found wetness on carpet. Meantime, I found 2 hoses from garage and connected both faucet to make sure any drip will go into bucket not washer connection box. Since this change, I don't see any water on floor.

The washer was picked up about 4-5days ago and I do see about 1 cup of water collected in bucket since hose connection.

Tomorrow, we have new washer/dryer delivery and quick drying of floor, we are able to install hardwood floor today in rec room. But I don't want any water issue later because we are putting expensive hardwood floor into rec room.

Sorry for long story. Anyway, anyone had this type of problem? What is causing this issue?

Look forward to your help.:smile:
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I will be willing to bet that the packing nuts on the valves need to be tightened. The water drips may be coming from around the stems on the valves. The washer box is not water tight and is not intended to collect water from leaky valves. The valves simply come up into the plastic box thru knockout holes in the bottom. These are not water tight and are not meant to be sealed. The water is not supposed to leak from the stems.
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