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What kind of hinges for this project?

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Hi folks, I've been going nuts trying to figure this one out. Every time I think I am on the right track, I find out the product isn't available, or isn't what I need.

I am trying to make a shelf space in a wall, covered with a wooden plank, with hidden hinges. The attached picture shows the basic idea. I could use either style of opening, but the wood covers and overlaps the opening by an inch on the top and bottom, so I can't use a regular hinge.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Check out the Richilieu site. Lee Valley might have something as well.
How thick are your panels? 1" overlay is pretty big. If you could close up your gaps to 1/16 to 1/8" you could use soss hinges.
See link below to BLUM catalog


The 1" overlap is what is making selection a challenge. If you modify your design to 5/8" overlay, there are numerous hinges available. 3/4" overlay would be a little less common, but still available. For 1" you can look at the Compact Series -- they are intended to mount on face frame cabinets, but you may be able to make them work for your application --- see pages 82 and 89.
You might look at the sliding hinge to move it out but I don't think they make a 180 degree opening hinge.

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Thanks folks, for the responses. I could probably trip it to 5/8".
Although, at the moment, I am wondering if I should go with the option to lift out (like the example on the far right on my drawing), but hinged at the bottom instead of at the top?
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