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What is your favorite toilet these days?

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I need a toilet for an office. It is a small restroom so I am using round bowl and would like a narrow tank to make the toilet appear smaller and perhaps have more pressure in the flush. I don't want an inexpensive seat. Any suggestions?
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Toto Drake II to be exact
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My favorite toilet is the one that is closest.

On a more serious note, sounds like you know exact what you want in a toilet. Talk with a dealer. I have had good luck with American Standard, Kholer, Toto, and Eljer.
If you want a more powerful flush look for one with air assist. If water consumption is a issue look for a tank with a dual flush valve. You can also buy seats wit slow close lids. So no more slamming seats and lids.
If you want a more powerful flush look for one with air assist.
I did an addition so we could take care of my aging parents. We installed an air assist toilet in the new bathroom. You could hear the thing thru out the house, each and every time it flushed.

10 years later, the air tank split open. Water kept running and it leaked all over the bathroom floor. I caught it just as it started flowing into the bedroom.

I replaced it with a Drake II. Even though its a 1.28 gpf unit, it flushes better than the air assist.

Based on my experiance, I would never buy another air assist.
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