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What is this?

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Moved into a new home. This was behind an access panel in the basement. Can anyone clue me into what I am looking at?

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Ah. So this is likely the main line coming into the house? If I shut the bottom valve, I'm thinking that will shut off water in the house? I'm asking because I'm going to replace the stop valve under the kitchen sink.
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Mostly likely the main.

Be sure to find it on the street as well.

These gate valves get buggered and don't force it.
Yea, it is really stiff when turning it. I might err on the side of caution and just shut off at the street instead.
I agree, should be replaced with a brass ball valve at some point.

However, you say it's a brand new home so it's probably just stiff and needs exercising. Try spraying some wd40 and work it off and on a couple times a year.

Looks like it got painted and that's what might be making it stiff. Just a suggestion.
House is about 15 years old but the prev owners were very poor/lazy DIYer's and jacked up a lot of stuff. I'll hit it with some PB Blaster and see if that loosens it up at all. I can turn it, but it is really stiff.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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