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What is this? And why is it frozen?

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I'm sorry to sound dumb...but i bought a pop machine and it's been nothing but headaches. I've cleaned all the coils (condenser and evaporator) I had to replace the condenser coil fan because it seized. The condenser "sounds" to be working (although it is a little noisy) And now this copper line from the evaporator (if thats what it is) is freezing up within minutes of turning the machine on. I'm reached my limits as a DIY'er and need to hire a pro...but before i go having service guys come in (80$ just to show up - no free estimates :() I'd like to know if anyone has any idea what i'm up against here. I know that when my ac froze it was low on Freon...could this be the case? Anyone also wanna take a stab at what the cost to repair this would be PLEASE BE MY GUEST!! Thanks in advance...



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Since you said the coil was cleaned, probably it is low refrigerant.
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