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What is the proper type of caulk to use outside?

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I just used No More Nails for a hose bib install on brick but then I started thinking, that probably won't last the winter. I still need to screw it in better as I don't have tapcons so I'll be heading to the store tomorrow. What should I use to seal it so water can't get into the house? I cemented it in but I'm sure just that alone is not enough.
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Try some 30 Year Window and Door caulk.:)
100% silicone caulk behind the flange.
You don't need tapcons. A plastic anchor and exterior screws will work fine.
Found the 35 year caulk today at CT.
though I am quite amazed at how good of a job No More Nails did. You'd think the valve was already screwed in and all, I could not even move it. I still screwed it in and also caulked around to cover the NMN as it did crack a bit and is probably not made for outside to begin with.

I'll monitor it over the summer but think it will hold up quite well. I put NMN on the indoor side too, I just shoved it all in the hole all around. It aint moving. :laughing:
ureathane based caulk/sealants work great on masonary,probably what the ''no more nails'' is based on
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