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There are 3 electric outlets in 3 different areas in my kitchen area
that does not work. In one area with two outlets one for my
small counter-top toaster oven, and one for my water boiling kettle.
During Thanksgiving, I used them both. they crashed, no more electricity
out. I used these both device a the same time before, just this time, a little
Then I discover two other outlets in the counter top phone area
does not work. Now I find out that side one does not work either.

I have checked circuit breaker, everything is in place. I have tried to
locate if any GFCI outlet and find none.
What will be the problem then?

My oven, sink, dishwasher line works fine.

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How old is the house? GFI protection has been required in kitchens for 20 years or so.
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