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What is carpet texture retention

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We bought a new house in 2005. Allegedly, we got upgraded carpet. I say allegedly because we paid for better carpet but this stuff has looked awful for quite some time. I often wonder if we got builder's grade and not what we paid for. It looks worn, squashed, frayed and stains easily. This could maybe be expected in the family room but we walk on the carpet rarely in our bedroom and even it looks awful. I have often seen references in postings to warranties for a carpet's texture retention and was wondering what that is and how that differs from the carpet warranty. The carpet needs replaced and before we fork over great bucks I figured I better see if it can be salvaged under our warranty or if not what I need to look for in the replacement. Thanks!
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You will have to find out who made it and get it inspected. As a reminder to everyone, wear warranty is a joke. Carpet yarn does not wear. It just looks awful and dies after a few years. All they do is measure the length of the yarn. So when you pay extra for a 10 year wear warranty, you are just throwing money away.
That's a bummer Rusty. I read the descriptions of carpet texture retention on line and it seems almost impossible to confirm the wear issue. We always had wood floors before so this is a new thing for us. I really dislike carpet.
Doesn't matter what carpet it is, carpet gets nasty, dirty, and causes allergies to flair, get vinyl or paint your concrete. I have Konecto and its looked great for 8 years and you can wash it.
Tests show that there are less airborne allergens with carpet than hard surfaces.
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