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What insurance information do I need to ask for (tree removal)?

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I'm having several trees removed. What insurance information should I ask for? I am mainly concerned with someone getting hurt on my property (worker's comp)? Also, should I call my power company to check for underground cables? I am going to have some stump grinding done. I don't think any wires would run near trees, cut I one can never be sure. I don't think they will be grinding it deep enough to hit anything.
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First is call company that checks for all utilities (usually noted as a Before you dig in your phone book, or you poco site would have the info who to call to locate). As for the tree company, make sure that they are not just some bubba with a chainsaw. Make sure that they are bonded & insured, and will clean up the mess and grind the stumps. Easy way is to check with city arborist if you have one, or angie's list.

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You need a Certificate of Liability Insurance made to you. If the Worker's Comp is provided by a different company you also need a certificate from them.

Is a permit required. If so, someone needs to get the permit and get it on site also.:)

Someone needs to call Diggers Hotline or your local Building Inspection Office for more details.:)

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Contractors with employees(in NY) need:
Workman's Compensation
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