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Hi there! I'm working to finish my basement and finally got around to the side with the bathroom plumbing. I know one is the toilet but I'm not sure about this other drain. I'm trying to figure out if I could or should put in a half bath or if I can fit in a shower. Trying to get some thoughts. I really want a urinal but either way I think I will have to get someone to bust up some Concrete. But I want to know what they were thinking when they installed it.


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So I'm at it again and about to tackle this bathroom.
Any feedback on how the layout works with the bathroom? I guess I need to tie in the vent lines altogether??
I would think the pipe in the middle of the floor is tub and has a trap under the floor.
We usually drop the ceiling in a basement bathroom, makes it either to run fan duct and vent pipes. I will leave the plumbing suggestions to others.
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