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Guys, what do you call this metal sheeting? Where would I go to get this replaced if I rip it out. If I wanted to hire someone to do it, would it be a roofer, siding guy, etc. When it rains here I can hear some water dripping onto the metal from the roof peak. I want to take this down to investigate the leak. I also want to run a light to hang in the middle. I'm just worried that if I damage this ripping it out that it will be difficult to get replacements for.

Also any advice on taking this down? There is one strip of nails right through the center the outsides are not nailed but it dosent seem to want to flex at all or allow me to slip any of the pieces out. Mis there a trick to it? Thanks in advance everyone.



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Those are standard soffit panels.

Easily replaced if you bend them removing them.

They are installed in a J channel framework, Replaceable too.

Any decent siding contractor can replace them if you decide too.
And good handyperson can do just as well and cost for just the material.

When putting in a light , you need to frame the light and wire before installing the soffit, then just trim it out with the soffit.

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