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What do I have and what should I replace it with?

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Sorry I don't have any pictures, but I think my description is all that will be needed to determine what I have as insulation in my attic.
My home was built in 1996, and recently discovered a leak that has formed somewhere on the roof. I looked into the attic and saw some insulation that I have never seen before. Looking at the insulation, I figured I would like to have this replaced while fixing the leaky roof.
The insulation has the texture of a fiberglass insulation but is a grey color like cellulose insulation. There is no solid shape to this insulation. It almost looks like someone took a garbage bag full of this stuff and threw it around the attic. What do you think this is? Since I will be replacing the insulation anyway, what are some suggestions that are affordable and reliable.
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Sounds like rock wool.

Most often it's blown in.

Any Box store will have it.
If you buy 10 bags they will let you borrow the blower for free.
This is the amount you were suppost to have up there.
Before adding more you need to air seal the attic, nothing more then sealing up any holes in the top plates and all lights and ceiling fans showing in the attic with expanding foam.
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if you are replacing it, cellulose treated w/ borates is good stuff, easy to install, and environmentally friendly. like joe said, air seal first, and dump in as much as your sheet rock/whatever will support and what excedes your code.
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Joe, Rock Wool looks about right. I am not familiar with the process of air sealing, but the term is very familiar. If I remember correctly, is this something that some city utility department does for free? I believe my father in law was talking to me about this.
No idea what your local utility is willing to do.
Some may do an energy adit, but I'd be surprized if there going to fix anything.
In my area we have A thing called Bay Aging that will come in to help older low income home owners and help them do some winterization.
I am not familiar with the process of air sealing, but the term is very familiar.
Caulk, gasket, or spray foam every crack or hole between the conditioned space and the outside. Wires, pipes, lights, wall plates, around windows, etc. Air that leaks carries heat and moisture with it; both are bad news.
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