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What color to paint existing white kitchen cabints with white appliances

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Our kitchen needs updating. The house is around 16 years old and the kitchen has offwhite cabinets and crown molding and trim work. All of the appliances are white and we have the original white ceramic tile countertops. We want to update without spending a ton of money. I have seen painted cabinets recently and I would like to consider painting ours. Don't have the money to replace all of the appliances but I am considering getting new countertops by replacing with granite tile.

What would you suggest for cabinet colors?
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I'd do the cabinets and trim in white (not off=white) to match appliances and counter top with dark walls.

Actually with the white appliances and countertop, you could do just about anything in the room with some color.

On second thought....maybe a butter yellow color with orange and reds in the decor with some copper pieces.
If you decide to go to an off-white, make it to the gray off-white as opposed to a cream off-white.
The gray will make it a nice cool white as opposed to the cream which is a warm white. I prefer the cool whites.
I was initially thinking about painting the cabinets with a color such as a blue/green but got to thinking about all of the white appliances. Also, not sure if had to put the house on the market if colored cabinets would appeal to buyers. Not planning on selling but we have had to move before because of job situation.
well, it also depends upon the flooring and the style of cabinets. If it's a traditional style, and the floors are a beige/brown color or wood, I'd stay away from grey (although that's my favorite neutral). without a picture, and knowing that you'll likely redo the countertops with granite (likely dark or medium color), white is likely best for the cabinets.

On the flipside, if you have charcoal or white flooring, light grey might look nice with a black granite...
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