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What Cement/Concrete to use to level area of a slab.

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My kitchen/dining room is on a concrete slab. There is a little 1" "step" in the middle of the room, like one side was poured at a diffrent time. It goes from flush to a 1" high step in about 8' like the slab moved 20 years ago so it's a bit slanted but whatever that is fine. It also has asbestos cutback all over it.

The only thing I can think of to do with this uneven asbestos ridden floor is to cover it all in 1/4" x 4' x 8' Integraply or 23/36 board and fasten it with concrete screws... then put freaking vinyl sheet or stick tile over it because i'm sure it's going to move or bend.

So, what type on concrete or cement do I use to float out that steped area? there is no cutback in that specific arear for about 9" out for some reason then the cutback starts.

Or any other ideas would be great, Thanks all!