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I apologize if this isn't the best place to ask, I just thought people frequenting this section of the forums would have insight on this.

I'm planning to build a small structure on some land I bought. The total structure will be 50 x 30, but 16 x 30 will be livable space. The structure will have a cross gable roof so the livable area can have a 16 ft wide loft on one end. My question is in reference to the livable space.

The livable space will basically be three rooms. A bathroom, kitchen, and then just the open space that's left. On on side of the structure will be the kitchen and bathroom side by side with the loft on top.

The loft will be probably 9ft deep. So the kitchen and bathroom will both be 9 foot deep. Almost all of the framing is going to be 2x6. There may end up being one random wall I do has 2x4. I'm trying to decide the best sizes for the kitchen and bathroom and how to lay them out.

If you're facing the building the bathroom and kitchen will be on the right (East). I'm thinking bathroom in front and kitchen in back. Then maybe 7x9 for the bathroom and that'd leave the kitchen around 8 1/2 x 9 ft.

I've been drafting different floor plans (mostly the bathroom) but keep tossing them because I'm afraid I'll lay it out in a way that annoys me later on.

Any ideas on designing for a small space, but still getting a lot of use out of it? As far as a shower or bathtub. I'm very open to just having a shower stall. Maybe 3 x 4 feet?

Just curious of other people's experience with small spaces and what's annoying or convenient to have where.

Thanks. Sorry if this was unclear.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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