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Some places online people don’t say a lot of nice things about Mansfield toilets. But most of the complaints I’ve read are about the builder-grade Alto toilets, not the other models that are a little more expensive. I’m moving into a new home in a couple weeks and I will be replacing two toilets. One of the models I’ve been considering is the Summit 3. This model is a 1.6 gpf unit that ‘s made in the USA.It has a 1000g map rating. A local big box store was running a sale on the ADA elongated bowl for $149 + tax. It includes a seat and hardware. I picked it up since the sale ends tomorrow. I’ll have a couple weeks to decide if I want to keep it and install it or box it back up and return it.

I don’t have access other toilets like the Toto Eco Drake (one of my other top choices) to compare the build quality to this Mansfield unit. If I go with a Toto, I’ll probably be ordering it online, which will mean I'll be buying site unseen.

So, how does the build quality on this look, considering the price? Does anyone have pics of other brands to compare?

Because of forum rules on the number of linked images in a post, I'll have to break this into multiple posts.

You can see one small pock mark in the glaze on the back and a small nub, but I don’t know if the nub is supposed to be there or not. I don’t see any other obvious issues.

This is a closeup of the passage that carries the water from the tank to the bowl. I don’t know the correct term for it.

Closeup of the transition from the bowl to the trapway.

Here are some closeups of the outlet on the bottom of the bowl and inside the trapway. Mansfield claims a fully glazed trapway. There definitely is glazing in there.

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