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What’s the best roofing shingle?

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What’s the best roofing shingle for the money? What should I expect to pay for labor per square in Ohio?

I’m being charged $1,200 to remove and haul away 20sqrs X 3 layers, and then cover roof with 30# paper.
I will buy materials. He will lay 20sqrs of shingles and drip edge, 40 ft ridge vent, for $25 a square.
4/12 ranch, 2 plum pipes, I electric, 1 furn pipe.
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Gaf/Elk - Owens Corning - Tamko - Certainteed

My pricing rate starts at $215.00 per square for a re-roof, but there are a couple dozen issues that can/will raise that price.

Most roofers offer free estimates, so get together a list of questions you want to ask the roofer and call roofers until you find that one you feel confident with, sometimes that's the first roofer you call, sometimes it's the fourth or fifth.

Questions should include, insurance 'liability/workers comp', references, past work completed in your immediate area, roof ventilation, roof deck, gutters, etc.
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