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Wet Subfloor--Clean or Replace?

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The two photos show the subfloor at the edge of my bathtub. There was a gap in the flooring at the edge of the tub which allowed water in. The wood seems solid, but it looks like some mold has formed.

Is there a way I could clean the wood or does it need to be replaced?

Is it likely that there is damage under the tub that would need work?

I'm not sure if the rough area on the wall is water damaged or not. The back wall of the tub area is soft, so I plan to replace all of the wall tiles and tile the floor. I would like to use something like Schluter Ditra to waterproof the floor and maybe some Schluter Kurdi around the edges.

Need input. I've done work in bathrooms before, but not RIGHT. :whistling2:


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i am no expert but since you got it opened up and all you might as well do it. plywood is not super expensive. how many sheets do you need? 10 max?
That damage does not look to bad----if it's solid---wipe it with soap /water and bleach---then seal it with some paint or primer---

Replacing that might require removing the tub-----unless it's bad--leave it until the tub is going to be replaced----I doubt if there is water damage under the tub that will cause you concern---
If you do decide to replace it use 3/4 T&G Advantec, not plywood.
Advantec is far more water resistant.
Scrub it with Moldex or Concrobium. Bleach won't kill the mold that is below the surface. Then paint it.
Wow, glad to hear that I can just clean the subfloor! \^_^/

I'm not sure if there is 1/4" or if it's just 3/4". Looks pretty smooth for 3/4". If it's 1/4" should I still just clean it? That vinyl flooring, or whatever it is, just pealed right up.

The tub is still in good condition, except the top of the drain needs to be replaced. The corner of the wall seems solid.

Should I give much attention to waterproofing the floor and/or edges of the walls?
If it's just 1/4" underlayment--then remove it before adding a new floor---lift up a heat register if you have one and see---New underlayment is needed if you are replacing the sheet vinyl.

Also--if tiling with ceramic--it needs to go before cement board is set---
OK, after removing the heat register, I can see that it is 1/4" ply.
If you do decide to replace it use 3/4 T&G Advantec, not plywood.
Advantec is far more water resistant.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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