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I'm having a real hard time in my constantly damp basement. I figured out that the previous homeowner DIY put felt backing under the wood parquet floor, which is on the super uneven concrete slab. The felt is holding all the moisture - so it needs to go. The bathroom is VCT on the concrete, which is cracking because of the uneven floor.

I want to install tile (any kind) instead, but the floor is so uneven I have doubts. I'm talking variances like 3" change over 5' distance. I know the easy answer, self level and move on. EXCEPT that if I level the floor, I will not have the proper ceiling height for the space to be legal and habitable, let alone useable. It's now squeaking by our local codes at 6' high ceiling.

I'm looking for suggestions, including alternate types of flooring for the basement, for the little amount of money I am able to spend. Help!:(
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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