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Wet Basement - New Construction

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*9' poured concrete walls poured in March.
*Home was "dried-in" in late April.
*My paperwork says that they did "waterproofing in leiu of damp-proofing"...but I'm not entirely certain. What they had on the foundation looked like black paint.
*A/C along with dehumidifier has been running for at least 2 weeks
*Approx half of the basement is finished living area....the remainder unfinished
*The basement is a daylight basement, the home is on a slightly sloping lot from front to rear
*Supposedly there is a drain tile system installed around perimeter of home that feeds to basement sump pump.

Concern: For the entirity of construction, standing water has been present in areas near the front of the home. I had brought this to the attention of the super at least 3 times over the past couple months. Each time it was blown off as either 1) Not sure what that is but we'll get it cleaned up and then 2) its normal for there to be a lot of moisture in basements during construction

We are 2 days now out from final walk-through....standing water STILL present in the noted areas. Dampness of concrete in other areas as well. Also, wall framing that is bolted to the slab is wet to the touch on the bottom of the studs.

Yesterday, had private inspector in. He used moisture meter and infared and showed where there is moisture along the floorline in the finshed area (beneath carpet, trim, drywall). He could also visibly see behind one wall and noted wet sawdust.

The walls themselves don't appear wet or even damp...its just on the floor. We thought this may indicate water is coming in around the foundation footings as well as from under the slab wherever the slab has been bolted into for framing.

I have no idea what to do from here. I'm obviously very hesitant to close on a home that has a wet basement. Thoughts?
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IF its not repaired NOW & done properly, what are the odds it will be done AFTER you buy this very fine home w/wet bsmt ? genl contractors/bldrs can't see your house from their house so tend to take the cheapest route ! there are companies who specialize in this work. your builder may have built the home according to code for what that's worth but evidently the code is not sufficient,,, you already know the answer unless you like someone peeing on you leg & telling you its raining,,, do you really want to buy this problem :yes:
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