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Well water pressure tank tubing

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Need to move pressure tank away from wall. Inside the house going to the pressure tank is pe 3408 1 1/4" od 160 psi black tubing. The tubing is not long enough. It looks like the tubing is pushed on to galvanized fittings with a clamp securing it. Went to plumbing supply and they only sell 100' rolls. Did not have it in stock either. Is there an alternative to this tubing? Also, thought of using pvc or cvpc with some type of fitting/clamps and cut the pe3408 tubing insert section of pvc/cvpc to extend length. Would this work and does it meet the specs of the pe3408. The tubing is supplying the tank first not the copper pipe that goes to the rest of the house. Thanks.
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I plumbed my pressure tank using copper, perfectly acceptable to the best of my knowledge. I have a well which is set to maximum upper pressure of 60 psi, pretty standard, so I don't see a need for pipe burst strength any higher than 100 psi, which is achievable with PE, PVC, or reinforced nylon. Key is the tubing needs to be NSF certified. Good luck with the project.
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