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Well Water Filtering Options

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We've got a pretty deep well at our home, about 200 ft deep and about 10 years old. We moved in a year ago. At the time we moved in, the well failed for 'coliform'. They put chlorine in, and the well passed the next test.

I've been to our local, town well supply store but I'd love some comments here before I decide what to do next.

For starters, our system info includes:
  • 2,500 sqft house
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 2 people most of the time

Currently, the well system has:
  • water softener
  • 1 cartidge filter - GE Standard, smaller type

Since we've lived here, there is no odor or smell to the water. It is clear to look at, and tastes fine. However, even though it tests out to be soft, we don't get a good lather with any soap products.
So I took 2 samples to our local well water supplier and he tested it for free - however, he only tested PH, hardness, and iron content.
The results were that it is very hard water from the well, testing over 20, PH is 7.5 (good), and iron is 5 ppm.
The water from the kitchen sink tested soft - 2 or 3, same ph, but iron was a 3.
The supply guy said the softener isn't removng the iron, even though I'm using 'iron-out' salt tablets.

I asked about a better, larger, cartridge filter - maybe two of the - one before and one after the softener unit. He said no cartridge will help with that high an iron content, that I needed to get an automatic aerator system for $1,600. Ok, thanks. (Think i'll get some opinions here first!)

I forgot to tell you my water concern. First, I'm concerned that the well tested positive for coliform and they got rid of it with chlorine. Just wonering if it comes back - it's been a year since I had that tested. Also, aside from the lack of soap lather, my other complaint is that the white porcelean on the toilets shows a powdery, black/reddish substance that can easily be brushed off with the toilet brush. It shows up about ever week, we brush the toilets, and it's completely gone. There is no rust staining, but it seems to me like this is a rust sediment?

Ok, so looking online, I've found the following and I'm wondering what the best direction to take is. Whatever I choose, I will be installing it myself.

Aerators for iron - they claim to be better than a cartidge filter - look to cost $800 to $1,000.
I saw something called a 'Big Blue' cartridge filter with many different filter elements. (This is my preference - to buy two cartidges, put a sediment filter before the water softener, and another one after the softener - maybe a charcoal filter?)

For bacteria, my biggest worry, I saw two options.
The first is a chlorine automatic pellet dropping system for $800 that installs on top of the well pipe. Looks simple enough, but then I read that if I use chlorine, I have to add an aerator inside to remove the rust and chlorine it creates.
The second option sounds very interesting. It's a UV light system that installs inside the house, it's $400, handles 10 gpm, and kills all active bacteria. Sounds like a good, effective system if it works.

Well, I guess that's it.
I saw some cartidge filters for big blue that are multi micron that makes me wonder if that wouldn't do the trick - one was 20/5/1 micron. Looks like that may be the ticket for stopping the rust sediment, but I'm getting very confused.

By the way, for what it's worth, the well supplier told me the same thing I read in a nother post about bacteria. He told me at the store that if i left a filter cartidge in the system for more than a few months, it would create it's own bacteria breeding ground and that I should always change filters once a month.

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