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A few weeks ago, i heard this gurgling coming from one of my kitchen sinks (we have 2 separate ones in there), then clean water started coming up through the drain, after a few minutes of flooding onto my floor decided to cut the power to the well pump, and as soon as the tank was drained it stopped, a few hours later it drained completely and I turned the pump back on and it was fine. But now about every 2 days at the EXACT SAME time it does the same thing, i cut the power and run the water in the other sink to drain tank quicker, while scooping water from the flooding sink.

What could possibly cause this??

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This is acting simply like a clogged drain line.
The first thing that would come to my mind if it happens at the exact same time every two days is that there is an automatic water softener regeneration discharge going into the same partially clogged drain line as that sink.
You need to remove a clean-out and snake that drain line if you have a water softener.
If you don't, call ghost busters (or a plumber) because I can't imagine anything else. LOL
Good luck!

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Agreed,and if you have the softener or a backwashed filter etc., set the time of day correct on the control valve(s) because they shouldn't be regenerating etc. during the day unless they are twin tank types.
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