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Well pump leaking

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The gauge on my well pump leaks. It will kick on, move from around 70 to 50 after a few minutes, then kick on and jump back to 70.

I turned off the main water supply to the house that is located right after the holding tank to see if I had a leak inside and the gauge still dropped. I then had someone out that thought the pump and holding tank was okay and said the leak was probably outside. The only thing that is hooked up outside is a frost free spigot that does not seem to be tied into the holding tank. There are no pipes that run to the outside. He said it probably wasn't worth digging around for since it was such a slow leak.

What I noticed is that when the water is running inside, the pump continuously kicks on. If I have the frost free spigot running outside the gauge on the well pump stays in one spot.

Any ideas on what this could be or what to look for. The advice about just leaving it alone doesn't seem right.
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Well that post is confusing.
If everything is shut off the pump should build up pressure and shut off. Only way it's going to come on is if there's a leak.
If the pump is coming on as soon as a faucet is opening then it's a problum with the pressure tank.
The leak could be in the buried piping between the well and the house. Or the foot valve could be defective.

This is something you should fix. Frequent cycling will increase wear on the well pump, perhaps to the point it fails completely.
Been there done that. $1500.00 later it's all good.
if you have valve off to house side....and gauge is droping leak is between holding tank and submersiable down in well...ben sr:yes:
Okay. Thanks. I have them coming out Monday.
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