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I am looking to have a whole house carbon filter and water softener installed in our home and was curious about constant pressure systems. I've read about them online but am not entirely sure what they do (besides the very obvious...constant pressure).

Will it INCREASE my current water pressure? Our current pressure is not great.

Will it replace the Well-X-Trol water pump that is currently in our basement?

The guy I am looking to use installs Grundfos systems.

Any pros/cons overall? They aren't cheap, so thought I'd check here for some unvarnished opinions.


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What problem are you trying to solve:
1. The water softener imposes a loss of pressure and what comes out is too feeble?
2. You really want smooth constant pressure?

A constant pressure water system for a well uses a variable speed pump to allow fine adjustment of pressure as you use water.

Given the expense, you might try alternatives some of whicy you can do yourself.

A standard well pump system relies on pressure to turn the pump on and off so by definition the pressure varies as the pump cycles.

The narrower the percentage spread of pump turn on and turn off pressures, the more frequently the pump will start which may wear out the pump faster. The best compromise between pressure irregularity and pump cycling is around a 2:3 ratio between pump start and pump start pressures, for example 40 and 60 PSI.

If too many persons or appliances are using water at the same time, it is possible to overdraw the capacity of the well (gallons per minute). A constant pressure system won't cure this.

You could try installing a pressure regulator between the pressure tank and the rest of the water system further on, for example to have the pump operate between 80 and 55 PSI, pump and other components permitting, and pressure in the house around 50 PSI.

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Allen is many times a better plumber than I am. So definitely take his advice over mine.

Just wondering what your water pressure is now and start you think is causing it to be not great. Pump settings too? Supply lines too long, too small, too corroded?
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