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I am replacing the handleset on my front door. The thumbpress on the old one no longer fully retracts the latch (similar to the problem shown on
). I am installing a Weiser "Welcome Home" Heritage handleset.

However, I have this extra part that came out of the box and I don't know where it goes. It is a round, flat, black neoprene disk which definitely came out of the box. At the top of the Installation Guide, there is a very detailed Parts List, including pictures, but this is not included among them. I have also read every single word of the instructions but this part is never mentioned.

Could this just have been to protect the polished brass finish during shipment? It is the "DO NOT REMOVE" part that has me worried.

Where does it belong in the assembly?

I tried calling Weiser but they are closed for the Christmas holidays.

EDIT: There is nothing written on the back side of the disk. However, a closer look at the disk shows two, small, cross-shaped cuts on opposite sides. Pretty sure those are for screws/bolts to pass through. The cuts are still intact (haven't been pushed open) so I know it didn't come attached to any part. I wonder if this goes somewhere in the deadbolt assembly? But why would that need additional cushioning whereas no other part that attaches to the door has that? I can't figure it out.

Thanks very much and Merry Christmas!
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