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Weird Doorbell Problem

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I just replaced my door chimes with an IQAmerica Wired + Wireless Door Chime, digital chimes (8). Since I already had a Wired Chime I followed the wired instructions. I aligned and transferred the two wires (Transformer and Front push button). All looked good except when I rang the bell it only rang the first chime unless I held the button in at which it rings all 8 chimes. I realized that it needed a diode to make all chimes work properly. Problem was that the door bell on the outside has been sealed onto the cement wall. If I have to I will pry the bell button off but I tried one thing first. I put batteries in the wireless part of the Door Chime. Now all works well. All 8 chimes work when I push the button. Remember I have not put in the diode. My first concern is that maybe I am shorting something somewhere with the batteries in a wired loop. I checked the batteries about an hour after install and after pushing the button a few times and they are not hot. The unit is not hot. So my problem: 1) My concern is "Could the transformer, which I can't find, be getting hot? 2) Am I causing a short or overheating somewhere down the line? or 3) There should be no problem.
Thanks in advance for your info.
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