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weed steamer

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Similar to houses that have central vac I want central weed steamer hook ups. If my flower beds had weeds I could hook the steamer hose and nozzle up anywhere in the yard and go around and just steam the heck out of any weeds. No chemicals, no flame, just steam.
Would a separate hot water heater get hot enough to steam weeds. Could I get a boiler that would do the job? I think steam is the best way to go. Hot low pressure, but would produce enough stem to work well.
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Water heaters are not allowed to gt that hot. Thei pressure temp relief valve would open up at 210°F.

So a boiler, with a lot of piping as you would need to pipe in a return pipe for the condensate that would happen in the pipe before the steam reached the outlet.

Since it would be a fresh water system, the boiler should be electric, as fossil fuel boilers would corrode quickly.

Would be better off with a portable steamer.
Highest pe temp rating I know of is 200°F. Your going to be running at 214 to 220°F. So pex is not going to be a good choice.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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