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We got Ripped Off! What now?

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Please forgive me if I make noob mistakes.

Dad had a heart attack and lost some cognitive ability.
We live in Texas. Dad had a roof put on. He had to borrow money from the bank. The banker suggested a specific roofer to perform the job

I wasn't there but it seemed that when dad told me about it that the loan was contingent on using the particular roofer. The roof is around 3/15 pitch or ?2.4/12? on a 30 by 60 doublewide manufactured home.

It was a single layer tearoff needing redeck and likely a few trusses. It was apparent that the roof had been out of repair for quite some time and there were many places where the decking and eaves structures were completely rotted away. So the roofers come out and make the agreement with dad to fix it, and a few places on two other homes he owns, one connected to and another next door to the jobsite.... all for the exact amount dad was approved for the loan, $5000.

Work ensued. Two days later new roof, so we thought. The repairs to the other roofes has not been performed. So today I'm hanging our Christmas lights using the little clips that you slide over the shingles. While sliding

them on the shingles lift right up and I don't mean just the edges. The decking underneath is so rotten that that it crumbles to dust in my hands, there aren't even any nails in the shingles presumably because the roofers knew there was nothing for them to nail to. And no tar paper either.

It has been about a month and a half since the work was done. I decided I should explore the roof. It feels very weak all over, more so in particular places. also some of the ridge cap had become unattached.
We had some wind but none of the houses surrounding with 20 year old plus roofs were damaged. I suspect that the decking in these places wouldn't hold the nails.
For me the entire roof is suspect. What do we do now? I want this guy bad for taking advantage of my dad and possibly the banker too. I imagine my parents aren't the only ones to have become victims. There's just no way this was done by accident in my opinion. Please help. For some reason my photo attachments aren't showing up?
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Well, step #1 is to contact the roofer and have him come out so you can show him the deficiencies. Step #2 is to track down the written contract between your dad and the roofer to see exactly what and what wasn't included in the work. For all you or I know, there may have been something in the fine print stating that the roofer was only responsible for putting on the shingles and NOTHING ELSE. Step #3, contact the bank. There's no way in He** they are going to want to be loaning out money for subpar work. They can put some pressure on the roofer to get this done right. For now, that's what I would do. If none of that works, you will have to retain a lawyer and fight this thing. Take lots of pics and document everything.
I can not put in writing what I would do. You do need to find that original contract. Then you need to have a lawyer look it over. I would call a different roofer out to find out what is going on with your roof. Document everything. After that I would go down to the police station with the information I had found and present it to the detectives. Had something like this happen to me, it is beyond belief the people they have working at banks. The person that took advantage of my father had a criminal record- a very serious one involving fraud.
Ripped Off

From your description, it sounds like this roof never should have had a shingle roof in the first place.

We need pictures. Since you will need them for the judge anyway, go take them and post them.

It is pretty darn clear that something is rotten in Denmark here, and it isnt just your dads roof. No banker with any brains would make a loan contingent on a particular roofer.

I may be able to steer you if you send good comprehensive pictures, if not I will recommend where to go.
A bank would certainly not want shotty work done, but a banker getting kick-backs wouldn't care. There is no reason that the loan would have been contingent upon using a specific roofing company. As the others have said, review the contract to make sure of what you were entitled to, and then follow up that side of things. I'd immediately contact the bank manager and let them know the situation so some investigation into this banker can take place.
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