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waxless fenco seal

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I am putting in a new toilet before I do the flooring. I believe the toilet can come out and then be put back in with the new flooring without buying another seal. My PROBLEM is I bought a 3" and I cannot "feel the seal". I'm thinking I should have bought the 3 1/2 inch size. I can't get the seal off. Does anybody have any ideas on how to remove this? It went on nice and very easily on my brand new toilet. I just need to take it off. :vs_worry:
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I went with the Waxless seal on my toilet, while I was remodeling. I ended up just grabbing 3 different sizes for the neighbor's toilet next door, when she had to have the flange replaced for her toilet. It measured right, but the 4" did not work.

The key to getting them to stick to the bottom of the toilet, is to warm up the Porcelain and then place a little bit of weight on the seal to let it stick to the base of the toilet.
Go with the next largest Waxless. There are only three sizes. It should not make it hard to pull the toilet. The seal is to keep sewer gasses from entering the home.

Always try the seal in the Closet Flange, before attaching to the toilet.
Thank you Ghost. It certainly makes sense I need a bigger one. Although I wonder if the 4" would then be too big. I remeasured and the pipe is 3" in diameter. I would love to cut off the Fernco I now have and replace it with the bigger one because I'm just curious to see if it will work, but that's a lot of work and double the expense if it didn't! Thank you again.
They work. It is just that if you have Cast Iron, you may have to go the next size up, because over time Cast Iron pipe thins from rusting.

PVC should be no problems. Waxless seals are always a crapshoot, when it comes to going by what the package states and what you are dealing with for the project.
They probably did that to keep the bolts from moving.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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