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waxless fenco seal

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I am putting in a new toilet before I do the flooring. I believe the toilet can come out and then be put back in with the new flooring without buying another seal. My PROBLEM is I bought a 3" and I cannot "feel the seal". I'm thinking I should have bought the 3 1/2 inch size. I can't get the seal off. Does anybody have any ideas on how to remove this? It went on nice and very easily on my brand new toilet. I just need to take it off. :vs_worry:
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the pipe is 3"

I took the toilet off which was easy. There is no seal. I could smell the sewer gases as I was removing the two washers. The widest part of the flange on top outside to outside is 5 1/4" . The pipe that goes way down there is 3". why doesn't the 3" Fenco seal work? I measured and it hangs 2" below the bottom of the toilet. So for right now I'm not going to remove it. There is another measurement because the flange has an inside measurement that's smaller than the outside edge, but larger than the 3" pipe because it cyclones down into the 3" pipe. What does anyone think?:vs_worry:
Hi, thank you for your correspondence, the seal to the toilet is fine. It's the seal to the floor that doesn't happen. In and out it goes with no tension at all. That's why it was so easy to take the toilet back up to remeasure the diameter of the pipe.
Thank you Greg. Duh, that makes sense. Had I tried it in the flange I wouldn't now have it stuck to my toilet with no where to go. I called Fenco and the engineer said to take pictures and send it to him which I did promptly and he can't figure it out. lol, I'm just going to use it with a wax rim.
Thank you Ghost. It certainly makes sense I need a bigger one. Although I wonder if the 4" would then be too big. I remeasured and the pipe is 3" in diameter. I would love to cut off the Fenco I now have and replace it with the bigger one because I'm just curious to see if it will work, but that's a lot of work and double the expense if it didn't! Thank you again.
I got it!!!!! dang. I put the toilet in the way the old one was installed. They put a washer and a nut on the bolt under the toilet and another washer and nut on top of the hole on top of the toilet. Just by removing that extra washer/nut , it allowed the toilet to lower about a half an inch. just enough to allow the fenco to reach further into the pipe and seal. next time I wont do what the person before me now it will pull up and go back down on top of the new floor without having to buy another seal. Fantastic :biggrin2:
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