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waxless fenco seal

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I am putting in a new toilet before I do the flooring. I believe the toilet can come out and then be put back in with the new flooring without buying another seal. My PROBLEM is I bought a 3" and I cannot "feel the seal". I'm thinking I should have bought the 3 1/2 inch size. I can't get the seal off. Does anybody have any ideas on how to remove this? It went on nice and very easily on my brand new toilet. I just need to take it off. :vs_worry:
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there are only 3" and 4" ferncos (with 2 different types of 4"). try a little acetone or solvent? and a little "who's your father" (or mother) with a putty knife. that's where i would start.

just for future reference, I've always just reused wax rings, most the time they stay on the closet flange and I don't have problems. but I've only upgraded a handful of toilets in my lifetime....
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