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Wavy slab floor

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So I'm looking at a property that I may want to purchase, a slab-on-grade brick house in Cleveland, Ohio, built in the 1950s, and the floors are wavy where they meet the slab. Not by a ton, but fairly noticably so. Normally this would make me run away, but there is absolutely no separation in the bricks (or any evidence of tuckpointing to hide separation; those suckers are in the same place they were when Eisenhower was president...), nor cracks in the walls/ceilings, and the yard and sidewalk out front share the same kind of wavyness. This wasn't cited on the muni POS, so I'm wondering if this sounds like a broken slab or just a wavy grade. Any info or advice is appreciated, thanks!
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when you can describe the color ' blue ' over a phone, we'll be able to actually SEE a picture of what you post :yes: we have luck flattening floors prior to diamond polishing but your issue sounds different

i know i'm the only 1 who can't translate the ' muni POS ' could you also translate that for me :huh: ' POS ' does sound familiar to me but not in this circumstance :laughing: then again, perhaps my guess IS correct & we just both think similarly regarding govt & its employees :thumbsup:
Could be anyone of these.

I'll make a guess the poster is from France or Canada and it's this one.
Plan d'Occupation des Sols
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