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Watts Vacuum Breaker

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I noticed my outdoor faucet leaking the other day and after some investigation it appears the vacuum breaker is leaking. Since my basement is finished Id obviously like to just replace this part vs cutting out the faucet.

Its a "WATTS REG FHB-1 2264". Ive attached a few pictures, but all the stores in my area have plastic vacuum breakers and nothing for WATTS.

WATTS website doesnt seem to list vacuum breakers out seperate either.

Ive sent them an email but am hoping someone else has already solved this.

One note on the pictures - there is a black cap that goes over the vacuum breaker that is removed from the pictures.

Thanks in advance!


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Well - it appears you cannot buy a vacuum breaker for any model/make - they pretty much make you replace the faucet.

Anyhow - after looking things over I get 2 small rubber washers and it fixed the problem. I looked at the plastic VC on my other faucet and it actually has a similar setip (1 think rubber washer equal to the double I made). 3 days and no leaks - I think Im in the clear and know more about VC"s than I ever wanted to......
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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