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waterproofing shower nook

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I am going to be tiling my moms shower. I bought a plastic shower pan and am going to be using dens shield for the backer. I am going to be using redgaurd on the seams and screw heads to waterproof it. She would like a nook in it to put shampoo and stuff. Can I just frame this out and use dens shield and then redgaurd to waterproof it? Is there some kind of tape I need to use on the seams with redgaurd, like fiberglass tape? Would I use tape on the outside corners where the nook meets the shower walls? Thanks for any advice with this!
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Your situation sounds similar to mine. All I can tell you is that your local jurisdiction may require a more stringent method @ any "flat" surface inside the shower area perimeter (such as a shower seat), also requiring that any possible water collected @ the flat surface be properly "communicated" to the shower pan area for proper drainage-out.
Best of luck with your moms project. (P.S. When I said flat surface I meant semi-flat since it is a good idea to have a slight pitch for water run off.)
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