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waterproofing shower nook

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I am going to be tiling my moms shower. I bought a plastic shower pan and am going to be using dens shield for the backer. I am going to be using redgaurd on the seams and screw heads to waterproof it. She would like a nook in it to put shampoo and stuff. Can I just frame this out and use dens shield and then redgaurd to waterproof it? Is there some kind of tape I need to use on the seams with redgaurd, like fiberglass tape? Would I use tape on the outside corners where the nook meets the shower walls? Thanks for any advice with this!
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If you are going to build the Niche - you should frame out of 2x4s and whatever it takes to make the depth you need. It should sit flush with your backer and the seams should be taped and thinsetted. Use the tape made for backer, as you should use in the whole shower. Go the extra mile with Redguard in this area, try to seal as much as you can! When you tile it, pitch the bottom very slightly toward the shower for water to roll off. Do not put the niche too low or in direct stream of the water - so it doesn't fill up constantly.
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