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Waterproofing existing shower walls?

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So I'm trying to add a shower fixture to my "tub only" bathroom by just replacing the tub spout with another that will has a hand held shower unit diverter connection. Long story short, since this bathroom didn't ever have a shower (just a tub) the walls were'nt water proofed for such . Seems to me to be just regular drywall.

So is there a way I can water proof this now "shower equipped" bathroom without ripping out all the drywall and staring over with tiling etc? In other words can I somehow waterproof the current EXISTING drywall (that seems to be just painted) without tiling etc?

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Look for pre-made tile walls. They make some decent patterns these days and they are more than functional if installed right.
Your drain will likely not be sufficient for this - not trying to discourage you, just want you to be aware when/if you have standing water in the stall while using it.
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