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I was just wondering if someone had an idea on how to waterproof an exterior area on my house.

My driveway comes directly up to my house and there is a gap between the cement and the siding. Since there is a gap water is getting in there and potentially is starting to rot the wood. I needed something to fill in that gap.....any ideas?

I can probably think of a few things but I'd like to do it properly if there instead of being the diy'er that ghetto rigs his house.

As you can see also I need to make some repairs on the door frame.

Thanks in advance!


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What you should do is cut off the lower 6" or so of the wall and pour a concrete stem wall to get the framing is above grade.

Short of that would be to cut a groove in the concrete and install a Z flashing that's bent slightly under 90 deg. that goes behind the siding and weather barrier and up the wall at least 3".
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