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Waterproofing a concrete floor

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Hi, I found this forum in a google search while trying to figure out how to waterproof a small patch of my basement floor (about 1.5 square meters).

ACTUALLY I want to cat-proof it! One of my cats seems to prefer peeing right in front of his litter box. I've done everything from scrubbing after every mess, to putting down thick poly plastic liners to catch the mess. Unfortunately the plastic eventually rips after a few months, and then the mess goes underneath and onto (and into?) the concrete anyway.

I'm looking for the best (and just as importantly, affordable) option for this diy home renter to protect this floor. I was hoping I could lay down a sealer of some sort, something that is durable enough to be walked on, and also non-porous and water proof so that any mess can be wiped up easy peasy.

I was at the home centre today and was talked into buying a small can of SICO Satin finish interior and exterior latex floor paint, I was told that it would provide a thick layer and keep all moisture from penetrating through to the concrete (it seems I'm not allowed to add a link here, I'll try to add one in a comment below). But I'm having second thoughts. I don't want whatever I use to end up absorbing and hanging onto any odours!

I've seen concrete kitchen countertops which seem like they must be treated with something so that spills don't leak into the concrete, but I'm not sure if even that is what I'm looking for.

Really I'm completely in the dark here and looking for some advice from anyone who knows! Does anyone know if the stuff I bought will do what I hope, or is there something more appropriate I should use?

Cheers :vs_rocking_banana:
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Let's see if this works... nope, still can't post links, even though I just posted a post.

Well if you felt up for googling SICO Satin finish interior and exterior latex floor paint, you'll find it and you'll see there is a tab for the Latex Paint that I bought, and one for a Sealer - she told me to buy the latex paint.. though looking at it now, I'm wondering if the sealer would have been better?

OR if there is something else altogether that would do the trick.

I've been researching, and all this stuff about polyurethanes and epoxies, and one place said densifiers and hardeners was the best waterproofing option, and yet another site said that densifiers don't waterproof at all. Does anyone here know??

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