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Waterproof foundation and regrade or.....just regrade? HELP!!

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Hey eveyone:
Im new here and need some advise. I am in escrow on a house and found out some new disclosures about the house. The whole thing need to be regraded because:

1. the slope going towards the house

2. water is getting under the house and is causing a musty smell.

3. I can see white on parts of the uphill foundation due to water seepage.

4. One room in the house is sloped due to this problem.

The house is a great deal and I knew all of this stuff a few weeks ago. The house is 33 years old and has been neglected for many years. Here is where I am at:

1. I had a geologist do an inspection and he stated the house is safe and not sliding down the hill. No problems with safety. Thanks God!

2. all water drains empty near the foundation and need to be redirected.

3. The grading sucks and need to be changed.

I got all this, but had a contractor come look at it. He said I would need to reseal the foundation around the whole house and it would cost $100,000 to do the job!!! I don't have this money and am wondering if this job is needed at all? Can I just regrade the house and channel the water down the hill away from the house? Seems easy to me and we would not have to seal the whole foundation. I would love your input on this.

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Pictures would help. I'd certainly get at least 2 more estimates for resolution of your problem.
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