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I replaced the cartridge on a single handle (crystal type) delta tub faucet and ran into a problem. The water wont shut off now, not even a little. I have replaced a few of these before and never ran into this issue. I fooled around with the cartridge a few times to make sure it was seating properly and that the screw on sleeve was holding it in tightly and nothing changed. Every time I cut the water on, the faucet is going full blast no matter the position of the handle. I thought maybe I had a faulty cartridge so I exchanged it and opened the package and directly put the cartridge in, thinking if the other wasn't faulty maybe I messed something up setting the hot water dial, and it did the same thing. Since my tub isn't equipped with shut-off valves, I decided to put the old cartridge back in til I could figure out the issue. Now that one does the same thing...water going full blast all the time and turning the handle does nothing. I checked to copper lines and there are no bends or kinks and the screw on ring, sleeve whatever it is, seems to be fine as well. The cartridge slides in as far as it will go, til the notches on the side of the cartridge are seated in their proper place on the copper line. Now unfortunately I'm stuck going under the house to cut the water on and off whenever I need to use it and it can only run for a few minutes til the tub fills then I have to go shut it off again. Any help that could be provided would be GREATLY appreciated, it would be nice to shower! THANKS =)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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