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Water woes

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The last few weeks I have noticed our water pressure in the house has dwindled. I replaced pressure switch and I have even dug up part of our line to the well, looking for a leak or crack. We pulled our line into the well and found a hole in the bottom of the line near the pump. We replaced that piece but I am still having problems. The water in the house comes and goes all the time. Sometimes it runs fine others it dwindles down and picks back up slowly.

My pump seems to be working continuously and my pressure flucuates even if nothing is running inside. I have no water coming from my outside faucet on the opposite end of the house.

Could it be a build up somewhere in the lines under my house or would it be the check value in the well itself? Please help me... I really can't afford a plumber at this time and my husband is in Iraq.

Also, could it be my pressure tank itself? I don't know anything about them and the water seems to be flowing from the tap right outside of it. I hooked a garden hose to it just to see if it would decrease as it does thru the house. The pressure comes and goes just as it does in the house.

Thank you
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your pressure tank might have an air leak. If there isn't any (or very little) air in the tank, then you can't "store" any pressure in the tank. Which means you will have high pressure to start, but it will drop off rapidly. You might be able to "burp" or let air into the tank to restore its function.
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