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Here is what I have: 2 hot water heaters, each with its own supply. The larger tank is 50 gal (gas) and supplies 2 bathrooms and the kitchen. The second is 30 gal (electric) and supplies the master bath only. I want to install a water softener on the supply side of the larger tank. QUESTION: Can I re-rout my secondary tank to be a FIXTURE of the larger tank to have softened water in both tanks? In other words, I want my larger tank to supply softened water to the smaller tank. At this point in time, only 2 older people in the home, but I don't want to screw up the plumbing for a future owner that might be a much larger family. All PVC/CPVC pipes, new condition, good water pressure from main. Just to clarify, I intend to leave the secondary (electric) HWH powered up.
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