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water softener

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my water softener has a bad taste and smell what might be the problem?
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Way more information is going to be needed to even come close what could be going on or what might be happening with your system.
Is it both the hot and cold?
What's it smell like?
Are you sure it's working?
Have you had the water tested?
Is this a new house to you?
boh hot and cold have a smell
taste bitter
its a new system in a new house both are about 5 months old
had the water tested where i test my pool water but only for clorine and salt both were ok at the time
Well or city water?
What kind of treatment is in place?
could the system be bypassed and the water tested to see if the smell and taste are there in the untreated water?

Bitter taste as in?
Smell as in?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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