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Recently built home. No access to municipal water. Also have a open source geothermal HVAC system (2 units) which can use a lot of water. I was told about 10-12 gpm total.

I have been getting conflicting information. I have 2-3 ppm iron in my water. I am getting conflicting information by the water treatment guys.

1. One rep suggested a bladder tank and softener. Said bladder tank would last 20 years. Also recommended not treating HVAC water.
2. Other rep said bladder tank isn't needed and would fail every 5 years. He thought the HVAC water needs to be treated.
3. Neither seemed to think a filter would work. Claimed the size is huge and the cartridges would have to be changed all the time.

But cousin who lives close by has a water filter and says he hasn't changed the cartridge in 3 years he has owned his home. Seems to work really well. The water isn't yellow like it was before he had it. He doesn't have a geothermal HVAC though.

I would much prefer a filter over having to add salt all the time. Does anybody have any knowlege in this area?

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Just some questions that may help a plumber/water specialist with your problem. How far away does your cousin live? Is he likely to be on the same aquifer? How does his water quality and hardness compare to yours? Who do these "reps" represent? Have you contacted the manufacturer of the HVAC system for their opinion?
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