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Water Softener Leak

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OK, heres the situation. Our water softener that we havent used in 15 years started leaking. The bypass valve was never closed for some reason so I thought by closing it, that would stop the leaking. Turns out that the bypass valve wont fully close, and there is still a slow leak. So now I'm looking into just tearing out the softener. I was going to get 2 sharkbite 90 degree couplings and a connecter and do it that way. My question is if I could skip doing that and just get 2 sharkbite end caps, and cap off each pipe seperately? Or do I need to connect both the incoming and outgoing pipes. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Ayuh,... Got any Pictures,...

Dependin' on just How it's plumbed, I'd think if ya cap the ends, there ain't gonna be Any water flowin' Anywhere....

Yer water system has to be able to flow Around what yer removin'....
Yea, I see what ur sayin about water flow. I dont have a camera phone atm, so I dont have any pictures unfortunately. So you think the best route to go would just be to use two 90 degree couplings and a connecter?
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