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water softener issue

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I did a basement remodel last year. Took out the existing bathroom and made it into a mech room. Problem is now after moving the water softener to this room, I am not getting soft water. I filled it up with salt and it is still full(prob 3 months ago)? I called Kenmore and they said to clean this and that, then "recharge now", did that, still not softening the water. Any ideas what is happening or not happening with this? Thanks-Brad
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Double check that you have the in on the in and the out on the out.

Double check that the bypass is open and water it flowing through the unit.

The unit should have some thing in the read out that shows the water flow, if it is flashing while water is flowing then the meter is counting, if not then the meter is hung up with some thing and needs to be cleared out so that it can turn, no turn no counting of water flow.
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