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water seepage into basement "help"

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I am an landlord and in the basement unit there is water spots on the carpet near the foundation walls in one room. The house is 30 years old and never had any problems before! I have own the duplex for 5 years and never seen any water problems. It is spring time and there is a lot of water in the ground and it is raining out. There is no water on top of the grass. There is no sump in the house. What should I do ? Is there any tempulary fixes I can do until the ground thaws out.
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Pull up the carpet. Seal the concrete floor with concrete sealer. Cover with 6 mil poly, replace carpeting. Paint the walls with two coats of Dry-Loc. This is a minimum step. you best to put in a perimeter drain and be assured of no water damage in the future.
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