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Hope I did not wear out my welcome, but you guys have not steered me wrong yet ! :wink2:

After I sand off the calcium deposits from a porous tumbled travertine, are there any brands of water sealants [make/model] that you can apply to stone water-line tiles in a pool/spa that will prevent calcium penetration?
Maybe this will help:

Stone: Tumbled porous travertine, 6" sq's light brown color

Water type: chlorine based pool/spa

Application: 6" tumbled travertine stones where water line comes up to 3" of middle of stone. Want a sealant that can be applied to all 6" of stone to prevent Calcium from penetrating stone.

Is there such a product that can do this? if so, could you pls forward the product and any experience [good or bad[ that you have encountered.

As always. thank you very much for your help & advice.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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