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water puddling on concrete patio every time it rains

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have massive 70 x 30 patio in my back yard, it is always puddling water. We use as a basketball court and it makes it un-usable for 2 days every time it rains for an hour.

what are my options, can i just try putting a round 8" hole or so, in the center of where it puddles and put in a drain cover and hope the water will find its way down to the dirt under the slab?

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yes im in the north, but the concrete is 14 years old, so the freezing puddles dont seem to be an issue
I'm pretty sure he meant freezing under the slab if you don't pipe the drain away.

You have to decide if having a drain grate is suitable or safe for the use the pad get put to.
Injection jacking will lift the entire slab, not just the low parts. Twenty bucks for a squeegee or a few grand to try and fix - I know what my decision would be.
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